Can we as owners get any internal parasites from our pets.

Can we as owners get any internal parasites from our pets.

There are a number of worms that can be transmitted between our pets and us which then can cause diseases, also known as zoonosis. Some of our clients often ask, when their pets are diagnosed with worms, “if the rest of the family can contract internal parasites?”

There are different types of worms and different lifestages that can cause diseases in various hosts, including ourselves.


·    Toxocara

·    Hookworm

·    Tapeworms

  • Taenia
  • Echinococcus (Hydatid Cysts)

Prevention of infections

A regular deworming program is one of the best ways to prevent your pets and family from getting infected with worms. We at the Blue Cross suggest once every 3-6 months deworming unless the pets have a worm investation. The consultation with the veterinarian will help to determine the drug to be used, dose and frequency.

  • Puppies and kittens are extremely susceptible to worm infections. The mother should be dewormed prior to having a litter. With each puppy/kitten vaccinations they should be dewormed.
  • Should you walk your dogs frequently, allowing them to interact with other dogs in the park or running off the lead unattended, they should be dewormed every three months. The same applies to cats, the more cats they potentially come into contact with, the more frequently they should be dewormed.
  • Dewormers come in tablet form, given by mouth, or spot-ons available for deworming cats. This makes the process of deworming a cat a bit easier.
  • Faecal Flotation may be performed to detect worms, since most of these are very small and not always seen in the faeces.
  • Control fleas on your animals and their environment, as this is an important preventative measure for worm infections.
  • All sand boxes and pits should be covered and regularly cleaned.
  • Promote good hygiene and prevents the transmission of disease and worms.
  • Do not feed pets raw meat to your pets as these may be a source of Tapeworms.
  • It is always a good idea to deworm yourself and your family on a yearly basis especially when you have young children.
  • Contact your medical doctor for any more information on worms and disease they cause.


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