Equine Clinic

In our Equine Hospital we offer:

Mobile radiography - including full sets of pre-purchase and insurance radiographs. The mobile unit enables our staff, doctors or nurses to take the unit to the patient rather than having the patients come into the hospital.

Ultrasonography – an imaging technique in which deep structures of the body are visualized. It is used for a variety of purposes, including scanning tendons, colics and stud medicine.

Video Endoscopy - used for direct, visual examination of internal structures – including the nasal cavity, guttural pouch, larynx, trachea, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and descending colon.

Education - we are happy to talk to livery groups and riding and pony clubs about any aspect of horse health and care. In fact, with the kind sponsorship of the pharmaceutical companies we often have information evenings. These are sometimes held at the hospital or at venues in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Medical investigations - weight loss, liver disease, chronic coughing, skin disease, recurrent colic, neurological disease, poor performance examinations and lameness examinations.

Referral work - we welcome referrals of cases from other veterinary practices for investigation and/or treatment.

Neonatal care – post-foaling checks, plasma transfusions, correction of angular and flexor limb deformities, hernia repair.

E.C.G and full cardiac workups for show, race and endurance horses patients is important and is done either in-hospital or at the stable.

Colic surgery is routinely performed in our in-house equine theatre. Careful consideration and treatments are discussed with the client before surgery is performed. Colic surgery is not taken lightly and performed only when necessary at the discression of the surgeon and usually with consultation with our medical physician.

For all surgical procedures the patients have a full anesthetic monitoring team, as well as the surgical team. This consists of a vet and nurse that monitor the aneasthetic and the patient throughout the procedure. This includes arterial blood pressure monitoring, ECG cardiac monitoring, Carbon Dioxide output and oxygenation of the blood.

Lameness workups are done either on the farm or at the hospital. This is a complex problem and often requires lengthy diagnostics with nerve blocks, radiographs and ultrasound examinations. These lameness examinations can lead to surgery which is often performed by our surgeon via the arthroscope. This too is done under full general aneasthetic.

In-house laboratory - including routine blood Biochemistry and Haematology, joint fluid cytology, vaginal and blood smears and Worm Egg Floatation.

Referral Pathology laboratories are used for further blood biochemistry, histopathology and serological testing.

We have four in-house stables for stabling sick or recovering patients. There are also outdoor paddocks for keeping the patients with an examination stall.

Book your consulation

For consultations with any of the Large Animal Vets call the hospital to arrange an on-site appointment, or speak to the equine nurse for hospitalization or referral.

Our vets are registered with the Equine Clinicians Group.
Our Vets do transport free trips to Hout Bay and Noordhoek on Mondays and Wednesdays. contact the reception at Blue Cross to confirm an appointment.


Please note: All after hours, public holiday and Sunday consultations will attract a surcharge.

Unfortunately, we do not run on an account system. Please settle all invoices on presentation or on discharge of the patient.