Our Vets

Dr Francios Triegaardt

Director | BVSc | Equine Vet

Dr Triegaardt is our resident equine surgeon. He has an interest in surgery, lameness's, endurance horses and equine breeding. He is a part time farmer and loves to go on outrides with his family. He is married to Sandra and has 2 daughters.
Cell: 082 658 3658

Dr Paul Bernhardi

Director | BSc (Agric) Hon. BVSc | Small Animal Vet

Paul has been at the Blue Cross since 2001 as a small animal vet. He has a keen interest in exotic animals and avian medicine and is our resident Pot-Bellied Pig Surgeon. He has 4 dogs, 5 cats, 3 birds and a tortoise. Dr Bernhardi is married to Samantha and has 2 kids Rebecca and Ethan. He loves cycling and running and does some events for charity.

Dr Liam Bebbington

Director | BSc Hons. BVSc | Small Animal Vet

Liam graduated from Onderstepoort in Pretoria in 2001 and has been with the practice since 2010. He enjoys outdoors, camping, climbing, bird watching and surfing when the weather permits. Together with Dr Donnellan he has 2 kids, Tessa and James. He has a keen interest in reptiles and birds.

Dr Herman Steyn

BVSc | Small Animal Vet

Dr Steyn graduated from Onderstepoort in 1977. With all these years of experience he has a keen interest in opthalmology, surgery and dentistry. Dr Steyn has a keen interest in photography, hiking, reading and a regular gym fanatic. He has 3 dogs.

Dr Cynthia Donnellan

BVSc MMed Vet | Equine Vet

Cynthia is an equine medicine physician and has been with the Blue Cross since 2009. She obtained her Masters in Equine Internal Medicine and was a lecturer at Onderstepoort before joining our team at Blue Cross. Cynthia enjoys hiking, camping, climbing, surfing, horse riding and reading. Cell: 083 227 0182

Dr Lezanne Gunter


Lezanne is an Equine veterinarian at Blue Cross. She has been with us since 2015 after obtaining her degree in veterinary medicine at Onderstepoort. Lezanne enjoys keeping active through rollerblading and hiking, and also loves a good movie! 

Staff looking after your pets

The Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital boasts a friendly, helpful and well trained staff complement.

We have three on-site small animal veterinarians, two veterinary nurse assistants, as well as our kennel orderlies. Our equine section is run by three equine veterinarians, one veterinary nurse assistant, as well as our stable hands.,As continuing education is a top priority for our entire staff, we conduct in-house lectures for our support staff. Our staff are all very knowledgeable and boast pets that range from dogs and cats to horses, birds, rabbits, marmosets and tortoises!

Nursing staff: Melandri.


Reception Staff:Shannon, Chanel, Savannah, and our shop manager Shantel.

Evening and Casual Staff: Lisa and Cassandra.

Kennel Staff and Grooms: Raymond, Ezra, Percy, Cindy, Musa, Mandla and Seamus.

Admin and Marketing staff:   Nicci, Estelle and Hanifah.


Please note: All after hours, public holiday and Sunday consultations will attract a surcharge.

Unfortunately, we do not run on an account system. Please settle all invoices on presentation or on discharge of the patient.